Can It Be Enough?

I had such a hard time answering this question when my person asked me.  Because my instinctual response was, no, it’s not enough.  It’s never enough!  I’m not perfect enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not successful enough.  We’re told by mainstream media and culture to “Never Give Up!” and “Give 150%” and “Reach for the moon, even if you fail you’ll land among the stars!”  These are overwhelming messages for a perfectionist to hear.  I am constantly, contritely aware that 150% is more than I can give, that the moon is lightyears beyond my grasp, that giving up makes you a quitter.  I’m totally in love with Avery from 30 Rock who “always wears heels because flats are for quitters” but I’ve never had the feet for that kind of commitment.   So now I’m trying to follow my person’s prompting by taking moments to ask myself “Can this be enough?”  Can just my best be enough?  Can the best I can do right now, in this moment, in this place, right here, can it be enough for now?  Can I give myself permission to not feel guilty for doing only MY best, instead of THE best?

I have a dear friend who wrote the most wonderful blog post that speaks to similar themes as well, called “No You Can’t Have It All: College Girl Edition.” (Bonus: it also features the best use of a Pride and Prejudice gif that I have EVER seen.)



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Hufflepuff. INFJ. Highly Sensitive Person. Lover of literature and needle crafts.
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