Best Buys to Prepare for an Extended Trip to Europe (Winter Edition)

Bought before travel:

  1.  Black, fleece-lined leggings.  While I was preparing for my trip every blog post recommended black, fleece-lined leggings, and now I know why.  They turn any of my southern winter outfits into European winter outfits, and they’re so soft and cozy.  They are a gift to your legs.  I picked mine up at a Private Gallery, but I found these online that appear to be identical.  I can wear mine in almost any situation, whether it be relaxing back at the apartment or dressing up to go out on the town.  They’ve become one of my most necessary wardrobe staples, and I’m already planning to buy another pair if/when these wear out.
  2. A travel purse.  This Fossil purse was something of an impulse buy (I got it during a pre-Christmas sale at Belk to replace my Coach crossbody purse because I vaguely remembered being told that it’s better to travel with black, inconspicuous purses, which the Coach was not).  I especially like this purse because it’s so compact and structured.  It’s hard to tell if you have one item or ten items inside, and it looks so chic!  It goes with every outfit, no matter how formal or informal, and it keeps me from carting around too much stuff when I’m out (I’m a known overpacker, even for a trip to the grocery store).  I’ve noticed most European women carry crossbody purses rather than shoulder bags or hobo bags, so I feel as if I fit in.  🙂   Also, the straps detach, so for travel I unhooked the straps, tucked them inside the purse with a few other things, and then packed it away in my backpack.  When I arrived at the airport, I took it out at baggage claim, organized with the cards I needed (Oyster card, credit card) and got going!
  3. This travel laundry detergent.  To keep from running to a laundromat all the time (so far I’ve only been once), I wash a few pieces of clothing most nights.  In fact, I usually keep the hand washables in the bathroom after I wear them, and wash one or two whenever I’m in the shower.  Saves time and water. 😉
  4. Pouches of every size.  For travel I’ve found that it’s necessary to gather as many pouches as possible.  I’ve become a huge fan of the pouch life.  A pouch for everything and everything in its pouch.  I have a charger pouch, makeup pouch(es), colored pencil pouch, and so many more.  It makes it so much easier to pack a suitcase, stay organized while traveling, and, most importantly, be able to find what you need when you need it instead of the day after.
  5. Vacuum bags.  I was warned about vacuum bags, since they can allow you to pack more than the allowable 50 lb. weight limit, but I still found them useful to organize and protect my clothes during travel.


Bought in Europe:

  1. Travel hairdryer
  2. Slippers
  3. Makeup mirror
  4. Shampoo and conditioner
  5. Postcards!

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