Back to Hampton Court!

I had the opportunity to fit in one more RSN course at Hampton Court Palace, so I couldn’t say no!  I’m incredibly glad that I did introduction to Whitework, I’ve really fallen in love with the technique and can’t wait to improve my skills.

I think I enjoyed most the pulled work, which was the technique I originally found most intimidating!

What I find to be really difficult is the satin stitch.  I’m going to practice and practice that one with one strand of floss and a #12 needle until I achieve a smoother, shinier effect. (The half of the leaf done below was stitched by the instructor of the course as a demonstration for the class.  As you’ll see below, my satin stitches aren’t nearly as lovely.)

I also really like trailing, but I also need to work on the smoothness of that effect.

We were in the corner room this time, which means we had two of the most lovely views from the palace onto the gardens.  It was a beautifully sunny day and the gardens were absolutely lovely.



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