My Last Night in the Coziest Flat in Wales

I’m curled up in my bed for my last night in the flat!  I spent today sorting, donating, and packing.  Now that I’m down to my last night I feel a little overwhelmed!  I’ve definitely gotten the experience that I hoped for when I came to Wales, and I think I feel comfortable and confident moving on, but I also feel a bit shaken by the upcoming change.  This has been a place of such healing and peace for me, and now I wonder if I’m fully ready to let that go in order to move on to the next chapter.  I will always be grateful that I was able to spend the spring semester resting, healing, and studying by the Welsh seaside.  I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in this beautiful little town and throughout Wales and England.  I know that whenever I look back on this time, I’ll remember only feelings of safety, comfort, and peace.  I suppose at the heart of it all, I’m just nervous about transitioning back into the ‘real world.’  This has definitely been a time and a space apart for me, and a desperately needed one at that.


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Hufflepuff. INFJ. Highly Sensitive Person. Lover of literature and needle crafts.
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One Response to My Last Night in the Coziest Flat in Wales

  1. Garry Evens says:

    That pizza is the pizza I talk about when I talk about pizza.


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