It’s Back!

Lo que la Vida me Robó is streaming once again on Netflix! I’ve made it to episode 77. Almost halfway through. 😉

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A Few Whitework Treasures

I dug up this post out of my drafts from when I was in Wales.  The museum that I visited had a few lovely examples of whitework.

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Home Sweet Home

I can barely describe the feeling of stepping out of the ATL airport and into the humid embrace of a southern twilight.  After nine months abroad, I’m home, and while I’ve been wondering if any nostalgia for Europe would hit, so far I’ve just been happy as a lark (or a starling!) to be back home.  Even the little things delight me, like all of the different brands of peanut butter available at the grocery store.  I look forward to continuing this blog now that I’m settled in a bit, there’s a lot that got left out in the busyness of summer and flying home.  Soon!

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My Last Night in the Coziest Flat in Wales

I’m curled up in my bed for my last night in the flat!  I spent today sorting, donating, and packing.  Now that I’m down to my last night I feel a little overwhelmed!  I’ve definitely gotten the experience that I hoped for when I came to Wales, and I think I feel comfortable and confident moving on, but I also feel a bit shaken by the upcoming change.  This has been a place of such healing and peace for me, and now I wonder if I’m fully ready to let that go in order to move on to the next chapter.  I will always be grateful that I was able to spend the spring semester resting, healing, and studying by the Welsh seaside.  I’ve had so many wonderful experiences in this beautiful little town and throughout Wales and England.  I know that whenever I look back on this time, I’ll remember only feelings of safety, comfort, and peace.  I suppose at the heart of it all, I’m just nervous about transitioning back into the ‘real world.’  This has definitely been a time and a space apart for me, and a desperately needed one at that.

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Ceredigion Museum

The other day I had a nice wander around the loveliest little museum in Wales!  The Ceredigion Museum is housed in an old theater, and the collections are kept in the galleries! The main floor holds several exhibitions on Welsh life, including a full replica of a one-room cottage.



I love the quilt and the books on the bookshelf!


They had an amazing array of artifacts, including this display of bobbin lace-making.  (I’d really love to learn to make lace).


And I love all of the perfumes bottles in this perfumery cabinet.

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Back to Hampton Court!

I had the opportunity to fit in one more RSN course at Hampton Court Palace, so I couldn’t say no!  I’m incredibly glad that I did introduction to Whitework, I’ve really fallen in love with the technique and can’t wait to improve my skills.

I think I enjoyed most the pulled work, which was the technique I originally found most intimidating!

What I find to be really difficult is the satin stitch.  I’m going to practice and practice that one with one strand of floss and a #12 needle until I achieve a smoother, shinier effect. (The half of the leaf done below was stitched by the instructor of the course as a demonstration for the class.  As you’ll see below, my satin stitches aren’t nearly as lovely.)

I also really like trailing, but I also need to work on the smoothness of that effect.

We were in the corner room this time, which means we had two of the most lovely views from the palace onto the gardens.  It was a beautifully sunny day and the gardens were absolutely lovely.


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New Books!

Picked these up at Waterstone’s today! 

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Stitching Update

A look into my craft studio (also known as the couch).

I completed this today at the RSN Bristol Ribbonwork class!


My in-progress Chester Cross from the three-day RSN Goldwork and Silk Shading course in Chester.


Finishing touches on the vintage-style dress I made at dressmaking classes!

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The Church by the Old Vicarage

My friend and I were lucky enough to wander around this beautiful country church during our stay in Pembrokeshire.  We share a fascination for churches and cemeteries, so we made a beeline for this place as soon as we saw it.



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